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  • When do you plant garlic?
    We plant our garlic in the fall, and then they sprout in spring. Late June is when we start to harvest the flower to the garlic, called a scape. The garlic is ready to be harvest by late July or early August.
  • What varities of garlic do we grow?
    The 3 main varieties that we grow are Music, German White, and Russian Red.
  • Do we have a storefront?
    No, currently we do not have a storefront, (in the process) We are at markets locally in New Hampshire, and we attend events throughout the year.
  • What events do we go to?
    Hudson Valley Garlic Festival - Garlic Town USA - Mystic Village Garlic Festival - Sandwich Fair - Deerfield Fair - Hopkinton Fair - Gilford Holiday Craft Fair - Belmont Holiday Craft Fair
  • What is Black Garlic?
    Black garlic is white garlic that has been aged by warming the garlic bulbs at about 140˚ to 190˚ F in high humidity for an extended period of time, it gives black garlic its rich, tangy, molasses-like flavor and black color. You can't plant the black garlic.
  • What is a scape?
    Scapes are edible flowers that grow on the stem of garlic. Scapes develop in June, and will eventually die on the stalk of garlic. We sell scapes in bundles at the market and make Garlic Scape Pesto. If you are using fresh scapes, they are great for grilling, soups, butter, hummus, or just as raw vegetables!
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