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2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

Starting in 2004, Lindon Garlic Farm has grown into a successful business, just by someone asking a simple question. "Hey Don, why don't you grow some garlic?" Paula, our good family friend asked. Don, the original founder of LGF, started growing garlic in his and his wife's family garden. Since that day, our family has learned about as many garlic varieties possible, and we continue to serve you well with garlic products that we think is the best. 



After starting to grow garlic in a small garden in the backyard of a house in Massachusetts, we expanded to a 100 acre farm in New Hampshire. From the beginning we called ourselves Lindon Farm, but since we moved on to a huge plot of land 

we changed the name to Lindon Garlic Farm and we’re right smack in the middle of growing a whole bunch of garlic. Each year our crop gets better and bigger and we learn more and more about this fascinating crop. 

We hope you enjoyed visiting our website and hearing about what’s going on at the farm.

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Grown fresh in the ground in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. No chemicals, no nothing just pure natural garlic. 

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